Google Earth flight simulator

Microsoft’s desktop has taken dominance in several areas, and Google has always wanted to challenge this but no one expected that it will extend to gaming. However, inside Google Earth, is a hidden feature called flight stimulator that greatly depends on Google’s excellent satellite imagery.

This is a hidden feature that is accessed by opening Google Earth, followed by a press on the ‘control, option and A’ button at the same time on the keyboard, but this is specified to a machine that uses windows. Google Earth flight simulator is a game that opens with two air crafts, one called the F16 viper and the other Sr22 4 seater which is considered more manageable. In a nutshell, it is a tool that is used in the exploration of Google maps. The two flight simulator crafts have complete landing and take-off controls and 27 airports from which one can choose, and no doubt it is the best simulation tool.

Players have an absolute control over the game because they can either choose to take off from the location in which they are on Google Earth, or they can as well select from the several pre-determined runways. Google Earth flight simulator has different controls, which may not be clear because they differ according to the operating system. You can opt to use a joystick in the flight but if you do not have the option, there is a list of keyboard shortcuts that aid in the flight on different operating system.

It is a flight that requires close mastery of the basics, so as to evade crushing, and at the same time control altitude and thrust. While one is in the air, there is no difficulty in controlling the craft but the take-off process needs some expertise. However, pressing the keyboard shortcut ‘control and H’ at the same time will present a window that offers help when one is faced with difficulty.

Other shortcuts include the ‘back’ button which is used to increase the thrust of the plane. The aircraft’s nose can be raised by pulling the joystick’s handle. The simulator can be paused at any moment by pressing the ‘space’ button. Exploring the earth using Google Earth is made a bit interesting using this tool because it is fun compared to a touring plan using only the mouse.

The flight too presents real objects of the areas that you are flying over, which is interesting compared to any other computer game.